Aaron & Kim Zepeda are leaders at DavidsTentDC

Aaron & Kim Zepeda are leaders at DavidsTentDC

With every passing day, and every passing year our lives become busy with more and more things. We have more to do or be responsible for, more people to keep up with, and our task lists become longer and longer. I know I feel the pressure to keep up, and with every item I scratch off my to do list [yes I am a list maker] 5 more things seem to be added.

The overwhelming feeling of never having enough time in a day does tend to get a little old after a while, and today has been no exception. Currently it is 5am and my daughter has just gone back to bed and my mind races over the lists and tasks that need to be accomplished, the people I need to meet with, the time I need to set aside for my family, and so on and so on. But then I heard Him. That still small voice in the midst of the chaos “Be still and know I AM GOD”. In that moment the blur of busyness melts away and all I can think about is that very phrase. “Be still and know I AM GOD”. What does that mean to be still and KNOW that He is God?

I am struck by this truth and how much it rings true for me as an individual as well as for our hurting nation. What would happen if in the midst of pain, frustration, worry, injustice, busyness, and even joy, we grasped this truth and allowed ourselves to KNOW He is God? He tells us over and over in His word who He is and not with empty statements but with promises and examples to back up His character.

He tells us He is our provider, He is all-sufficient, He is faithful, He is love, He is our comforter, He is our fortress, He is our strength. He promises to never forsake us. It would take more than a blog post to list them all.

But if all of those things are true about who God is then we know that when we are hurting that He will bring us comfort, and that when we are in moments of weakness He will be our strength. There is a confidence that comes from knowing who God is and a humility in knowing that we cannot do this life without Him. Life is busy and messy, but full of joy and adventure, and in choosing to partner with Him as we navigate through it all, we can be assured that we won’t have to do it alone.

In the busyness of my own life and in the many things we are facing as a nation I have to believe that our God is bigger and that His words do not return void. I also believe this truth is so powerful that not only will it change our personal lives, but has the power to impact a nation that is so badly hurting and in need of comfort and hope.

I challenge you today to do the same that was asked of me and see how it changes your life.

“Be still and know I AM GOD”. [Psalm 46]
Kimberly Zepeda