Kimberlee Hershey3

Kimberlee Hershey

I often wonder why it is, that when I step into David’s Tent on any given day or night, I cry.  Tears.  They just come.  They come as if there’s an automatic switch that’s activated when I walk over the threshold, step under the white canopy of the Tent and enter into worship.  I don’t plan it.  I don’t premeditate it.  They just come.  These tears, they don’t take long before they’re streaming down my cheeks.  Even now as I write about it, here they come.  You see, as exciting as walking into David’s Tent is for me, it’s also very sobering.  Sobering in a good sense.

  When I walk in and look around, I see the committed staff that are present, day in and day out.  They don’t get paid.  They haven’t been offered “benefits” they just couldn’t pass up.  They’re here because they heard His call and chose to answer “yes.”  When I look around, I also see the worship leader or the worship team who have sacrificed to travel here from near and far.  They don’t get paid.  Their time and cost of travel is not compensated. They’re not being promoted.  They’re here because of Love.  Bottom line.  Love.  I continue looking and see the participants, some who have become regulars.  They come on their free time.  They come because worship has become the essence of who they are, not just something they do.  They too are here because of Love.  I also see the curious, those whose ears and hearts have been pricked by the sound flowing from the Tent.  These curious ones, I see them wander in and receive the testimony of Jesus Christ, some for the very first time.  It’s a priceless gift to witness each and every time.  I look around and see the Tent, the staging, the sound equipment, the instruments, the chairs, all purchased, no longer rented or borrowed, but owned, not because we’re wealthy, but because of the generosity of God’s people.  It’s a humbling generosity that continually sobers my heart.  Tears.  Streaming tears.  I’m beginning to understand.
When I stand in David’s Tent, I experience what was once only a vision, a burning dream in the passionate heart of my husband.   Now, it’s a living, perpetual reality.  You see, I’ve witnessed first hand the many years of wrestling, the many years of intercession, the many frustrating and seemingly fruitless days of Jason’s life before David’s Tent ever came to be, but when I walk into the Tent, I sense the pleasure of Heaven and feel the resounding “it was worth it all” in my spirit.  Tears. Streaming tears.  This is why they come.
When I stand in David’s Tent, I see first hand the answer to so many prayers, not just mine, not just my husband’s, but of the many men and women of God who love Him, hold a deep conviction of His worthiness, and believe the truth of John 12:32, that if He is “lifted up on earth” then he “will draw all people” to himself.  A deep gratitude wells up within me for the many who make David’s Tent possible on a daily basis.  It would still remain just a vision if it weren’t for the countless who have lavished God with their personal love offering.  Tears.  Streaming tears.  Yes, I’m beginning to understand.
When I stand in David’s Tent, I experience God’s presence.  In His presence, I become acutely aware of my desperate need for Him and His abounding compassionate heart to give me all of Himself.  ALL of Himself.  Nothing held back.  Tears and more streaming tears.  Yes, now I understand.
This whole thing…it’s all a miracle.  Every moment of it.  I’m so very aware of that.  After four years, it still sobers me.  Each new day of 24/7 on the National Mall is not a given.  It’s a gift.  A gift I’m so humbled that we get to give God, because it’s absolutely true – He is worthy of it all.