As I look to the rest of the year full of hope and excitement, I reflect on the past twelve months full of gratitude and amazement at the Lord’s faithfulness!

Currently I am writing from my bedroom in Washington, DC. I would never have expected to be here ten months ago let alone more than a year ago but when you walk with the Lord, you never know where you will end up. That is one of the exciting parts!

On this past July 8th, I was in DC with a group of Jesus-loving young people for a time of prayer and ministry.  Th
roughout the whole day the Lord was giving me glimpses of His perspective and heart for Washington, DC and our nation. It was a mixture of my heart breaking and yet filled with overwhelming hope and love. You could say I fell in love with DC that day which was only sealed later that night.

That night we went on a spiritual tour of DC with the director of YWAM DC and intercessor, Jason Hershey. He took us to all the monuments in the city while talking about the “fingerprints of God” in our history. By the end of the tour, all of our hearts were burning within us, full of intercession and love for not only the city but the
people of our nation.

Before concluding the tour, Jason proceeded to tell us about how him and his team were going to be launching over 10,000 hours of continuous worship to Jesus. They would be worshiping Jesus 24/7 for 424 days in a wedding tent on the National Mall. Sitting on the steps of Lincoln’s monument, looking over the city glowing with lights, I knew I had to be part of what the Lord was doing in DC.

If the vision and heart of the Tent itself was not enough, I was sold when Jason said it started on 9/11, September 11th. I had seen the numbers 9:11 consistently for over two years with no interpretation as to why. I knew the moment Jason said it started on 9/11 why I had been seeing those numbers. Jesus had been speaking to me about the September 11 of 2015!

I am now committed to staffing David’s Tent for the entirety of the 10,000 hours. These past eight months have been challenging and absolutely amazing! I am looking to the next six months expectant.  Right now one of my jobs is to shoot photos everyday and post them on our Facebook page.

Thanks so much for all the facebook comments and sharing!  And we are so blessed that you are part of the David’s Tent DC online community!