Support David’s Tent DC

How You Can Be A Part Through Giving

Thank you for your desire to support David’s Tent DC!

Without the support of scores of volunteers and the financial support of people like you, David’s Tent would not be possible.

We want you to come and add your voice to this national offering of praise, but giving is another needed way to join us.

Here are our current needs and where your offering goes when you give to David’s Tent DC or skip down to give now.

What can you give toward the exaltation of Jesus in DC?


the Breakdown

This is the Alabaster Jar of very expensive perfume (Matthew 26:6-13) behind the music. David’s Tent’s operating budget is:

cents per minute

dollars per hour

dollars per day

dollars per year

If we round up, it’s essentially $10,000 per state per year. HE IS WORTHY!

Current ’24 Needs

Operating Costs

This is the most important of our financial priorities and makes up the bulk of expenses. 

  • Tent maintenance
  • Fuel for the generator and heater (winter months)
  • Port-o-lets
  • Insurance
  • Mobilization costs
  • Communications and office costs

Vehicle Needs

Davids Tent DC owns 3 minivans and a Prius that transport our full-time volunteer staff team back and forth from our missions base just outside of DC.

They are all high maintenance, and nearing the end of their vehicle lives. Our goal is to replace these vehicles in 2024. 

Do you have a vehicle you’d like to donate?  Or, could you help us purchase newer vehicles?


Pay off the Mortgage

David’s Tent owns a house in Fort Washington, Maryland to create subsidized housing for our full-time missionary staff. Currently, 7 women live there!

David’s Tent only owes $152,000 yet to pay off that house. Once paid off, this expense can help with monthly operating costs.

Would you help finish this off?

Note: Our staff are all volunteer missionaries, and do not receive any financial remuneration from David’s Tent, though we do provide subsidized housing, as they all raise their own financial support. 

All monetary donations will be allocated to the Operating Expenses unless you reach out to us to specifically give toward vehicles or the paying off of our staff house.  Please email us at to give to the vehicles or mortgage. 

How You Can Give





  • make it out to: David’s Tent USA, Inc. 
  • mail to:

David’s Tent USA
P.O. Box 15058
Washington, D.C. 20003



* If you plan to donate more than $1,000, e-check and paper check are preferred to avoid fees, but whatever method is most convenient is fine! 
* For gifts over $10,000, please contact us at
* We are now able to accept donations of stocks and securities.

* If you donate online via credit card, we are charged 2% to 3% of the total amount. If you donate online via ACH debit (bank routing and account number), we are charged only 50 cents.

* Please email us at for more information.