Weekly Events

@David’s Tent DC

Hosting the Prescence

We are delighted to parnter with local ministries with regular recurring programs.

Check out the schedule below and please feel free to join in!

Sunday morningS 10-11:45am

Antioch DC meets on Sundays at David’s Tent as a corporate celebration of all that God is doing in and through our house churches throughout the week.  Our values are Encounter, Disciple, Mission. Sundays are all about encountering God through worship, testimonies, and equipping for discipleship and mission through the teaching of God’s word.

Monday nights 8-11pm

Worshippers from Grace Capital City in Washington, DC lead the tent. We are a community of believers whose values are worship, family, justice, and to see the kingdom of heaven come here on earth. We gather in DuPont Circle on Sundays and in house churches around the DC area during the week.

Friday night 11pm – 2am

Justice House of Prayer DC, an evangelical missions organization, serves Washington DC and the nation through ongoing prayer, worship and strategic activism. We are committed to pray for national leaders as we seek spiritual transformation and cultural reformation to be established from the governmental gate of our nation’s capital.