Lexi, our booking manager, has already booked over a quarter of the total slots for David’s Tent DC this fall! She’s been doing an amazing job getting people plugged in and scheduled to lead worship. She’s already booked over 130 of the 500 2 hr time slots and more and more emails keep coming in every day! People are coming from literally all across the nation to worship! 

Last fall we saw this too, as people from all 50 states came to worship and 166 different bands led worship. We had expressions that ranged from gospel choirs, to punk rock, to hymn-sings to latino bi-lingual worship and so many more! That right there is to me one of the most amazing testimonies of David’s Tent. Last fall’s event possessed a unity that I’d never seen before. If the response that we’ve gotten this year already is any indicator, this fall is going to match, if not far surpass, last year in the wide variety of styles, peoples and denominations that are gathering together to sing Jesus a 40 day love song. I consider myself so privileged to be able to be there all 40 days and hear people’s hearts being poured out to the Lord day after day, hour after hour, in so many different sounds and ways. I wish I could explain to you how amazing it is but no amount of words could do it justice. You’ll just have to come and see! 

<enter shameless plug here> If you want to lead worship during one or more of the 2 hr worship slots send Lexi the booking genius an email at: worship@davidstentdc.org. We still have spots available, but move quick and send us an email! They’re dwindling fast. If you aren’t a worship leader, come anyways! We’d love to worship with you at the tent this fall. </end shameless plug>


See you this fall,