Jesus is worthy of our worship and adoration 24/7/365. This is a core value of our community! It’s one of the reasons we do David’s Tent DC every fall, and why we worship around the clock. Last year our goal for 2013’s tent was that 24/7 worship in Washington, DC would start with David’s Tent and never stop. The exciting news is that this year we didn’t just wait until David’s Tent to start 24/7 worship and prayer. No, we started early! No delay! We’ve been going 24/7 in conjunction with Washington House of Prayer since July 4th and our goal is to continue to do so after the tent as well. Worship is central to everything we do as David’s Tent staff. Everything revolves around the presence of God!

Monday-Friday our staff has a 2 hr corporate set where we spend time intentionally seeking the Lord together. Sometimes it’s worship, sometimes its prayer but this week we’ve had a specific focus on worship and it’s been awesome! One of my favorite things that happened this week is shown in the photo above. We had a “family band” moment and everyone in the room jumped on stage and grabbed an instrument. Lots of people were singing, shaking maracas and beating on the djembes. Everyone was releasing their sound of worship and all together in unity. It was super fun! It got me so stoked for David’s Tent! 

Are you bringing your family band to David’s Tent? 

See you this fall,