Today our staff had a prayer meeting specifically for David’s Tent. We just spent about an hour and a half waiting on the Lord, asking Him for vision and language for the tent this fall. What’s the specific call for this year? What does he want to do through our time there? It’s all about worship, it’s all because he’s worthy, but beyond that what does the Lord want to release through the tent? What are some strategic ways for us to pray? All these are questions we were asking the Lord, and He was answering! 

It was a really encouraging time of corporate unity in prayer. Honestly, it was just a really fun prayer meeting too! I left so excited for David’s Tent to start this fall! It’s 41 days away and I just can’t wait. The Holy Spirit is stirring up such joy in my heart. I know you’re probably anxious to hear what the Lord was speaking to us today, but you’ll have to wait just  a little bit longer. :) We’re still praying as a staff and solidifying specific language to what the Lord is speaking. Soon we’ll be releasing new videos and blogs calling people to come this fall, so keep a look out! Please keep us in your prayers, and seek the Lord with us for His heart for David’s Tent this fall. It’s going to be amazing, because Jesus is amazing and it’s all about Him. May He be glorified in every single second of worship this fall! 


PS. 40 days of 24/7 or 1,000 hrs of worship is 3,600,000 seconds. In case you wondering. :)