Exciting News!

Starting tonight at 9 pm we’re going to begin a Moravian style prayer watch at the White House Ellipse that will go through to the start of David’s Tent next Tuesday, September 24th, at 7 pm. It’s not an event, there won’t be a tent up or anything. Nor will there be a band playing continuously. Just one or two people there at a time praying for David’s Tent this fall. We know that God answers the prayers of his people so we’re dedicating the entire week prior to the event to prayer.

We covet your prayers, so please join us in prayer wherever you’re at across the nation! We are so thankful for all of the churches, ministries and intercessors that cover our ministry in prayer! 

Here are some prayer points for you: 

1. For the presence of Holy Spirit on The Ellipse. That all staff, all worship leaders, and all the people coming, would be very aware at all times of Jesus!

2. We still need finances to make David’s Tent happen! Pray for full provision within the next week. “David’s Rent for David’s Tent!”

3.  Pray for more Nightwatch worship leaders and a continuing momentum of worship leaders signing up take watches even during the day. 

3.  Pray for the word to get out about Davids Tent. Both for people to come to the tent (it would be encouraging to have a nice crowd there with us) and also that it would go as a prophetic word across America calling our nation to centeredness around the man Jesus!

4.   Pray for the media. We really believe that the media are to be our ally this year and cover David’s Tent!

5.   Pray for our President and his family. The reason we are doing this is simply because Jesus is worthy. However we believe that this is to be intercession for the first family as well. David’s Tent desires to be a blessing to our President and governmental leaders!


Also, be sure to come and out and join us on September 24th at 7 pm as we kick-off David’s Tent! We’d love to see you there! 

Becca Montgomery