We are so excited to announce that David’s Tent will be returning this fall, from Sep. 24 – Nov. 5 on the White House Ellipse! Here’s a word from our founder Jason Hershey:

Dear David’s Tenters,

It’s time to start setting new “normals” in America and in Washington, DC that boldly state: This is just who we are now!  And, how can we (you, your friends, David’s Tent DC), have a hand in resetting the culture of America…?

God has startled me with a Revolutionary Thought:  a 40-day worship altar unto Jesus — on behalf of America, in Washington DC — ANNUALLY

Just because He is Worthy!


We had a miracle moment with David’s Tent 2012 when the National Park Service (NPS) invited this 40-day worship volcano onto the White House Ellipse.  We were asking for permitting for a local park some distance away — they suggested the Ellipse location by the White House!  Then, at the end of last years David’s Tent, one of the Rangers from NPS asked me a question:  “Have you considered making this an annual event?” She then went on to counsel me on how to be sure to get the permit for another year!  


Last year during David’s Tent, a new White House Christmas tree was planted on the ellipse. (The old one had died.) Every year there is a huge White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony and people from all over the nation flock to the Ellipse to see this tree during the weeks following.  It’s just part of the culture of America and Washington, DC. 


In like manner, we believe it is on the heart of the Lord to make David’s Tent an annual part of the culture of America.  As I’ve pondered making this an annual event, Paraclete (Holy Spirit) has confirmed to me that David’s Tent is about redefining a lifestyle of Presence-Centeredness for America! This isn’t about a one-year urgency or desperation for the Lord.  It’s about a “new normal” being set:  “In America, we celebrate Jesus 40 days every fall in our Capital, Washington DC!  This is just what we do now!  This is who we are as Americans that love Jesus!  Our culture is changing! 


We are calling America to joyfully gather, with all hope and trust in our hearts, and express to Jesus that our first love is simply Him!  Just Praise for 40 days!  The oval altar (the Ellipse) by the oval office!  Let’s vote for Jesus as Lord by enthroning him on our praise 24-7 for 40 days (Psalm 22:3)! Let’s redefine the primary purpose for our Capital to be a gathering place for the nation to praise the name of the Lord (Psalm 122:4)!  This is a revolution worth dying for!  Only for the Lamb! His Presence must be central in our Nation! 


Help us raise the tent again!   He is still worthy of it all!  

Jason Hershey




We are beckoning the nation’s worship leaders to come to DC as a congress of worship.  We believe there are to be worship teams that represent – at some point during the 40 days – each of the 50 states! Come as a royal priesthood and minister to the Lord on behalf of your state and on behalf of America! 


1.  To sign up or to receive information on leading worship from the main stage, scheduled in two-hour time slots, switching on the odd hour, email worship@davidstentdc.org.  


2.  Night-watch – The night-watch is unplugged and is particularly anointed.  There is a city ordinance that disallows amplification from 9pm-7am.  But, the worship goes on! We have a good old-fashioned strings-and-hammers piano along with hand drums and acoustic guitars. We figure David didn’t have electricity and He still got it done!  Due to the uniqueness of acoustic sets and the draw of an intimate time with Jesus during the night-watch we have set up an email address specifically for those jealous to lead worship during the night hour. nightwatch@davidstentdc.org