What a great time we had last night with Sean Feucht leading us in worship! We are so blessed by all the groups that have come out to lead worship for us. It is so beautiful and reflective of Heaven to have worship leaders from all over the country with so many different styles come praise God in the tent. A big thanks to all the groups who have come from near and far to sacrifice their time to help us carry out this continuous love song!

One amazing testimony that I wanted to share with you guys comes all the way from Denmark! An amazing woman of God has been joining us via the website and the live stream since the beginning of David's Tent. She has been deaf in one ear with a loud ringing noise in it for the past year and a half, but as she was listening to the live stream on Wednesday night God completely healed her! It is so good of God to pour out the blessings that we've been receiving on the Ellipse to everyone contending with us all over the world! God is still a God of great power and miracles and we are believing for even more testimonies like this one! 

Join us on the White House Ellipse or the live stream tonight from 7-9 pm where Jason Hershey is going to be leading us in worship. And remember that David's Tent has been extended through to 7 am on November 7th. We will be live streaming the entire day on November 6th as well. God Bless!

Lexi Stevens

If you have a testimony from David's Tent that you would like to share then email heard@davidstentdc.org