God has been up to some beautiful things in Washington, D.C., and all over this country. This book is a testimony of the past, but it is also a prophecy to the future.

In the fall of 2012, God assembled one hundred and sixty-six different worship teams and believers from all fifty states to worship 24/7 for forty days in the pattern of David’s Tabernacle on the White House Ellipse in Washington, D.C. Worshippers signed up for two-hour watches, to keep a song to the Lord going unbroken, like a relay race, around the clock. This took place in a tent literally in view of the First Family’s back porch.

In 2013, the song crescendoed a bit more. God sent one hundred and ninety-four different wor- ship teams for forty-two days or, as we called it, “The Thousand-Hour Love Song.” It became clear that year that this was not a one-time event but was destined to become part of the culture of America.

The song continued to build into the third year. In 2014, two hundred and twenty-five worship teams gathered for fifty continuous days of worship, prayer and proclamation of the Bible. “Ezra’s Platform” was added for the continual reading of the Bible as a prayer for the healing for our land. During that time, the Bible was proclaimed cover to cover four and a half times. Another tent was added that year for people to gather and pray for our country, its leadership, and one another in humble petition behind the scenes, without microphones.

In unprecedented unity, the worshippers who have participated in these events have been diverse in age, denomination, ethnicity and musical style, yet all with the same heart to simply enthrone Jesus on their praises. This was all orchestrated by God alone. None of it was staged for the world to see, but these diverse people were gathered by Jesus for His own pleasure. The restoration of the fallen Tent of David is truly a work of God.

I believe this book will be an answer for the hundreds of thousands of you who have been praying and seeking God for a way to somehow express your love for Him and your desperation for Him to turn all of our hearts back again (1 Kings 18:37). It’s been my deepest honor to be able to see the prayers of so many answered already. May we all be encouraged that Jesus is coming, riding on a swift cloud. He’s coming to save America. Let us all run into His tent and find His salvation.

I have good news for you: God has a great plan for America. He has called us to exemplify, on the worldwide stage, what it looks like for a nation to turn back to Him and then go as a tidal wave to preach this same good news to the ends of the earth — all for His glory. America, it is time to step into our destiny. Let’s partner with the Lord and respond to His invitation.

Finally, this book will be to provoke America and the world to bring an offering to the Lord, simply be- cause He’s worthy. A friend told me that the words “He is worthy” just wouldn’t be motivation enough to mobilize a nation, that I needed a stronger motivator, but everything within me rebelled against that thought. I know there is a remnant out there (and it is not small anymore) that knows that Jesus really is worthy of it all, and that’s all the motivation they need to pour out their whole lives at His feet. If you are reading this book, I have no doubt that you are one of them. Thank you for your devotion to Jesus. -Jason Hershey Washington, D.C.

This post is an excerpt from the book David’s Tent – Jesus is Worthy of A Nation’s Praise by Jason Hershey
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