We invite you to join us for 45 days of prayer, fasting, repentance and seeking the face of God from January 22 – March 8.  

     The Holy Spirit has spoken to me (that’s a long story with lots of confirmations spanning the last 7 years) that this 45 day window is time to pray for LIFE and Revival.  Our posture in DC for these 45 days is as follows. 

    • Every day from Noon until 5pm we will be partnering with Bound4Life.org in DC, prayer sieging at the Supreme Court, but in the courts of Heaven, for LIFE in America
    • Every Night  from 7-11pm we will be gathering for worship and prayer at “The Christian Center” (formally known as Christ Church) 3855 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington DC 20016.  Like David’s Tent, these gatherings will be primarily worship. Psalms 42:1-2 is a key scripture for these gatherings.  “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. My soul thirst for the living God, When can I go and meet with God?”  God is taking us  to this “well” to satisfy our souls as we bless Him in worship! 

 Christ Church is where a bible study called T.A.G. (Take and Give) met in the 70’s that drew up to 2000 young adults.  T.A.G. certainly gets a dot on the Revival History Timeline in DC (if not the biggest one). Many national and local leaders have roots in meeting with God at this location. Our connection comes from a divine partnership the Spirit made since January 1st between Pastor David Owens and I.  With many wild confirmations, I can truly and purely say “God has led us to this location.” 


Our prayer is:  “God, re-dig the well of revival in me.”


     Please come and join us at the Supreme Court and/or The Christian Center. Come late or leave early. Come and go as you please! If you are available to serve on worship teams for the night gatherings or if you would like to come and serve as a whole team, we would be very grateful!

Please contact us at worship@davidstentdc.org


To Jesus be all the glory,

Jason Hershey

 P.S. if you really want the story of how God has called us to these 45 days, email us back at info@davidstentdc.org and we will send you an abbreviated list of my personal “prophetic History”  concerning these days to come.