Hello everyone! My name is Bailey and i’m on staff here at David’s Tent DC along with Becca. As the tent has continued to grow every year, our responsibilities as staff have grown as well. So this year Becca has handed off her blog to me! She is very, very busy overseeing much of the tent, and she and her husband Ryan are also expecting their first baby this November! I am so excited to pick up where she left off and share with you all what the Lord is doing out here!

Our first week is well under way and everything is in full swing! The first two days of set-up were very challenging due to unforeseen evacuations off the Ellipse, but everything has finally come together. Last night, the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace kicked us off for the third year in a row! They truly usher in the presence of God every time they lead worship and we are so blessed to have them as friends. Tonight, Awaken Wells, a local worship team from Virginia, led our corporate set. We were evacuated well into the evening and so we all worshiped from the sidewalk! It was an amazing time of encounter. We were able to pray and share the love of Jesus with many of the people walking by.

As this is my third year staffing David’s Tent, the familiarity that it brings makes it easy to forget the significance of what’s going on out here. But when I take a step back and get some perspective, I remember. I remember that this is not just a good idea that some guy had, this is a dream straight from the heart of God. He has called us, He has sustained us, and He will continue to reveal himself to us because that is His heart’s desire! His utmost goal is that we would know Him more!

My heart is truly expectant that during these 50 days we will see His glory in greater measure than ever before!

Blessings, Bailey