David's Tent DC is moving back to the White House Ellipse tonight at 9 pm! So please join us tonight at Faith Tabernacle where Jason Hershey will be leading worship from 7-9 pm and then head over to the Ellipse to keep the love song going! 

It's hard to believe that five weeks have passed and we are officially in the final week of David's Tent. These first five weeks have been life changing, not only for those who come to visit the tent, but also for those who have been there the whole time as volunteers. The Lord has been so sweet to the volunteers and He is constantly pouring out His presence as they are keeping watch over the tent. Every time I talk with the volunteers I hear new stories of how God is giving them fresh revelation about His love and purpose for their lives and I can already tell that they will not walk away from this experience the same. It is amazing to see that as we come here to do nothing but pour into the heart of God, He is so faithful to pour back into our hearts. What a wonderful God we serve!

When you have the right heart position it is impossible to spend time in God's presence and not walk away changed. If you haven't had a chance to join us yet on the Ellipse then make sure to stop by in the next week or join us on the live stream and let your praises be a part of our 40 day love song to the only living God!  

God Bless!

Lexi Stevens

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