This is the announcement that you’ve all be waiting for!  

We will praise Him through the storm!  But we will be changing locations.  At 7am Sunday morning, we will be moving the song from the tent on the White House Ellipse to Capitol Hill!  We are excited that God (again!!!) has opened a door for an extremely strategic location.  We are moving from being one block from the WhiteHouse to being now, ONE BLOCK FROM THE SUPREME COURT and three blocks to the Capital Building!  

Faith Tabernacle Church, Capitol Hill, Washington DCSunday morning Oct 28th at 7am, Davids Tent DC will move to Faith Tabernacle Church, 300 A Street NE  Washington DC 20002.  Much thanks to Pastor Frazier White and the church family at Faith Tabernacle!  Come and keep this torch blazing bright no matter the weather!! When Sandy passes over and we dry out, we plan to move back to the ellipse. We will keep you informed.

Special note:  Sunday night from 7-9pm we will be having a two hour “hymn sing” of nothing but the hymns of the faith, at Faith Tabernacle!  We are excited to have this set as a part of the 40 day love song, that the faith of past generations would keep on resounding into the next!  Come and Sing your heart out with us!

Thank you all that have invested so much into this lamp of worship!  

For His Glory, Always,

Jason Hershey
David’s Tent DC