DavidsTent New Floor Arrived Today! 

Thank you for all that have given in the fall fundraiser to provide this major upgrade. No more mud.

The new floor came just in time for AllTribesDC!  This Friday, November 8 from 9am-5pm Davids Tent will be hosting AllTribesDC for the second year in a row. Last year over 300 people from over 40 First Nation tribes from North America gathered in DC for this wonderful day of worship and prayer. 

Indigenous people have a unique governmental authority over the land where they were the first to live.  Acts 17 declares that God appoints the times and places we live so that we might seek and find Him. There is something unique about the geographic realities of where we live that create the perfect petri dish to cause us to seek Him and then also find Him!  The people and their land go hand in hand. As the First Nations of our continent are brought into the fullness of their destiny in Jesus, so will the rest of us. 

I have noticed that since the Native Americans brought their blessing and prayers of establishment over Davids Tent, we have not had to move the tent since!  The first several years of Davids Tent were riddled with constant interruptions to move the tent to different locations on the mall by the ever-shifting realities of the National Park Service.  It now seems that David’s Tent has come to a resting place at our current location. I can only attribute that to the blessing of the Lord that was brought uniquely by AllTribesDC last year. I felt that after 3 years of pre-gathering 24/7/365, that AllTribesDC actually brought the final commissioning to David’s Tent last year! 

For all those that hunger for revival in America, I want to encourage you to join AllTribesDC at Davids Tent this Friday.  This gathering will be a watershed moment of governmental blessing for all of the United States, simply by merit of the authority they carry, with the purest of hearts of love for the Lord Jesus. 

Our next DTS training school is January 9-May 31 2020.
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