Looking back over the past 43 days or so, I’m completely blown away at what Jesus has done. People have gotten saved, people have been healed physically and emotionally and countless lives have been touched by Jesus. Over 200 bands from all over the nation have come to lead worship. Over 44 states and 37 nations have come to worship with us on the White House Ellipse. Over 5,000 people have already joined us online via our webstream. Thousands have come through David’s Tent, and tens of thousands more have been impacted by the testimony of David’s Tent through our social media channels.

The story of David’s Tent is a powerful one. Where else in the world can you find 200 different worship teams sharing the same stage in a really really long love song? Not only that, but through the government shutdown, a flood, and many other obstacles the song of worship to Jesus has continued! This testimony of faith has been a seed of hope in people all across America this fall. Over and over I’ve heard from people sharing with us how much they’ve been encouraged by the story of David’s Tent! Through it all the worship has been rising to Jesus! He IS worthy of it all!

Every day I’ve gotten the privilege of seeing and hearing first hand the stories of people that come to worship with us. I’m so encouraged and blessed by how the nation has gathered together here this fall to give Jesus a sacrifice of praise. For many people, it really has been a sacrifice. I’ve talked to people that took days off from work to drive 10+ hours to DC just to lead a worship set and then drive back. A church group drove in from Wisconsin just for a day. A single mom from New Jersey drove several hours with all her kids in tow just for a couple hours of meeting with Jesus at David’s Tent. I feel like I could go on forever about the people that I’ve met this fall. They’ve all been so giving and love Jesus so much! I’m always encouraged and challenged to love Jesus more every time I get to speak with one of them. It’s been my honor and joy to be able to be a part of putting this event on and creating a space for people to join together from all over the world to worship Jesus.

A HUGE thank you to all of you who have made it possible! You are all amazing and we’re so grateful for everyone who gave financially, prayed for us, and came to worship with us!

Please join us tonight for our Grand Finale from 7-9 pm! We’ll be livestreaming today from 5-9 pm, so if you can’t join us on the White House Ellipse please join us online! We also will continue to worship through the night. We just can’t get enough of worship! It’s too hard to stop! :)

See you there,

Rebecca Montgomery