This week has been a bit of an unusual one here at the David’s Tent office. Most of our staff and students are in Lancaster, PA attending a Circuit Riders school and absolutely seeing their lives and the region forever changed! The rest of us are manning the 24/7 prayer room and continuing preparations for David’s Tent this fall.  The smallness of our group has meant that we’re each pulling long hours in the prayer room ministering to the Lord, but it’s so worth it. Every time I’m in there I seem to go so much deeper into the Father’s heart and I know it’s the same for the rest of our staff too. 

My time this afternoon in the prayer room was especially rich. I really felt the Lord challenging me with the question of where my emotional “barometer” is set. What’s my default emotion? Is it joy? Gratitude? Am I defaulting to the place of faith, or one of fear? It was a really good question for me to ponder. I realized it’s time to set the barometer a little higher in the place of joy, faith, love and gratitude! I want to set a new normal in my life of abundant joy and unstoppable faith. It’s times likes these in the prayer room that are so refreshing and sustaining.

I’m excited for the rest of our staff to come back, but there’s been something so sweet about these days going after the Lord with just a handful of people. There’s just nothing quite like it.