Dear Friends,

 My two oldest boys, 6 & 7 years old, saw a huge hole in an otherwise cloud-covered sky, right above David’s Tent DC.

“Dad, we think that God is listening to the music through that hole!” 

 I do have to say that I sense His nearness to us at David’s Tent in a very special way.  It seems like He is personally watching over us. Somehow through all the happenings in DC since we began, David’s Tent DC has remained hidden, unhindered, safe and sound!

 David’s Tent has never stopped!  Claiming the 1st amendment, the National Park Service (NPS) has allowed us to stay and keep going throughout the shut-down of the federal government.  The National Mall is eerily empty, but there on the White House Ellipse stands David’s Tent DC, nestled in behind the trees, blazing a love song to Jesus!


 It’s been a “ponder these things in my heart like Mary” moment.  How ironic: The Government shuts down and a 24-7 worship congress to Jesus continues!  We rejoice in the favor that God has given us – both with the NPS and the Secret Service. 

Equally astounding is the hiddenness from news media!  How is it that they are missing this big white music tent, blazing shamelessly, in stark contrast to the quiet, evacuated National Mall?

 We did come close to losing our cover though!   John McCormack of the weekly standard tweeted this below on Tuesday, making light of the sign that is posted at the White House Ellipse because of David’s Tent.  If only he knew what’s behind and to the right of that flaming sword!  That tweet was then re-blasted by the Drudge Report.

 This past Thursday afternoon we were temporarily evacuated from the Ellipse, due to a security issue related to the tragedy on Capitol Hill that started at the White House.  All the worshippers at David’s Tent simply walked, guitars in hand, to the perimeter the Secret Service had created and kept on singing for the next four hours.  The song never stops!  When the evacuation time was complete, we took the song back into the tent! 

 Thank you for your prayers. David’s Tent is alive and well! We pray grace would fall like rain over all those who live and work in DC! 

 Please come worship with us! 

Singing for Jesus, 

Jason Hershey 

People, I am not making this up
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