Happy Thanksgiving from the Tabernacle of David in Washington DC! 

A governmentally sanctioned holiday to celebrate and give thanks to God is not something to take for granted. I look forward to the day that our government codifies a perpetual 24/7 lamp of worship and prayer to the Lord like David did as King. Jesus is worthy. 

For now…  it’s grassroots. This Thanksgiving, I’m thanking God for the thousands of people that have given their offering of worship, talent, time, service and money to Davids Tent over the years. It’s taken a nation to bring forth this 50 State perpetual memorial of thanks to Jesus in our Capital. 

You are the glory. The glory cloud of witnesses that have surrounded Davids Tent DC on earth, I’m sure makes the heavenly cloud of witnesses thankful too. 

May God hear OUR prayer offered with thanksgiving and heal our land. 

Thank you Jesus for all!   

Friends, the whole DavidsTentDC Team in Washington DC gives you our all, with a heart of Thanksgiving!