One of my favorite moments of David’s Tent last year was during the hymn sing. We were singing “I Exalt Thee,” and as we finished up the last verse the entire sanctuary broke into spontaneous praise. People were shouting and praising the name of Jesus for several minutes without anyone leading them to do so. It really impacted me to see how the spirit of worship that’s on the hymns is moving people to worship just as much today as it was generations ago. 

I believe there’s something really significant that happens when we come together from all different generations and sing with one voice the songs of our father and mothers of the faith. There’s a reason that the songs have been sung for so many years! There’s anointing on them! 

Tonight from 7-9 pm is our annual David’s Tent hymn sing. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to all year! Last year due to hurricane sandy we held the hymn sing in a church on capitol hill so this year is our first time getting to do it on the White House Ellipse! We’re going to be doing it acoustic tonight. We’ll circle up some chairs and spend a couple hours singing hymns just like so many of us grew up doing in our living rooms. It’s going to be amazing! Come on out and join us! Your voice makes a difference! 

See you there,

Rebecca Montgomery