I can't believe the tent starts tomorrow! All these months of preparation are culminating in this glorious love offering to our King that starts tomorrow night!  Things are really coming together–we have all the equipment sitting ready to go in our base, we've obtained all the proper permits, we've been praying on the ellipse to prepare the ground for thirty days continuously. I absolutely know that God is going to do something incredible. He is passionate to meet with us, and I believe He can't wait for this 40 day love encounter with his bride! 

Remember the first day will be in silence to observe Yom Kippur. Jesus' atoning sacrifice was the most lavish display of love this world has ever seen, and there is no more fitting way to start this event than by spending a day in silent contemplation of the finished work of the cross.

So join us, tomorrow night at 7pm, through November 6th, right here on the white house ellipse!

Abundant Blessings