Tonight we begin livestreaming online! Last year over 20,000 people joined us via our webstream. Many people’s lives were impacted by the worship and one lady even got healed! She was deaf in one ear and as she was listening to the livestream her healing was restored! Praise God! 

I want to invite you to come into agreement with us from wherever you’re at. Turn on the webstream in your home, your office, your car, wherever, and worship Jesus with us from afar! There is power in agreement and unity! Join the 1,000 hour love song and add your voice to it from all across the nation! We’ll be livestreaming 5-9 pm every night through Tues. Nov. 5th!

It’s hard to believe we only have 4 days left. This year’s event has absolutely flown by and honestly I’m a little sad thinking about it ending! It’s been such a sweet, sweet time with Jesus and I wish it could just go on forever. But praise God, worshipping Him is my eternal destiny! Forever I’ll be around the throne of Jesus singing his praises. I can’t think of anything else that I’d rather do! 

I’m so humbled thinking about how many people have come to worship Jesus with us from all over the nation and the world. Last we checked we had people from 44 states and 37 nations that have come to worship with us! Wow! I think it’s really significant that we’ve had almost as many nations as we have states come to David’s Tent. One day every nation, every tribe and every tongue will gather around the throne and praise Jesus forever! I love that we get to see a little glimpse of that here at David’s Tent. Even right now as I’m writing this the team that’s leading worship is comprised of people from many different nations in Africa and the Middle East. That’s so amazing! 

There’s still 4 days left of David’s Tent, so join us here on the White House Ellipse or online from 5-9 pm each night! 

See you there,

Rebecca Montgomery