Exciting News!

One of the dreams on our heart when we started David’s Tent was that it would multiply and that there would be tents of continuous worship rising up all across the country. Not through our own efforts, but organically through networks of local houses of prayer, churches and ministries that partner together to make it happen. 

We’ve just received word that “David’s Tent” has spread to Washington State! At the same time as we raise our tent on the Ellipse, a group of passionate lovers of Jesus led by the National Day of Prayer Washington State will be launching a 75 hour worship tent on the lawn of the State Capitol in Olympia.  We’re so excited to see this movement of public continuous worship spread across America. Jesus is worthy of praise throughout our nation, from Washington State to Washington DC! 

Only 49 states more to go! Lets start a movement enthroning Jesus on our praises and making Him central in our capital cities! Why? He’s worthy! And we love Him! 

Rebecca Montgomery