Hello Everyone! Ryan Montgomery Here!

Less than a week ago we kicked off David’s Tent DC, and already the presence of God is moving on the White House Ellipse! With David’s Tent in such a prominent location dozens of passersby from around the world stop in curiosity, drawn by the music and the joy of the crowd worshipping. They often ask ask questions and our staff then have the opportunity to share the good news of the gospel and pray with them. Just this week I’ve personally gotten to share with people from Korea, France, Saudi Arabia, and many other places. They come here to see America’s capital city, but they leave with the seed of the gospel in their hearts. The testimony of Jesus is going forth in DC and touching the ends of the earth! We’ve already seen at least one salvation at David’s Tent just in these few days, and are believing for many more!

As I write this, I’m about to head out to the Ellipse to join our staff and believers from all over America for our nightly 7-9pm “corporate” set. Since David’s Tent runs 24 hours a day, people come and go all the time and it can be easy to feel a little scattered. So, every evening we all gather in unity and worship together for our final amplified set of the day, 7-9pm. We warmly invite you to come join us nightly for these evenings of unified praise!

Here’s the schedule for the next week of corporate sets:
Sunday 9/21: Newsong Church – (Virginia)
Monday 9/22: Ben Doggett & Alysha Tagert – (DC)
Tuesday 9/23: Collins O’Dwyer – (DC)
Wednesday 9/24: Awaken Wells – (Maryland)
Thursday 9/25: Aaron Zepeda – (DC)
Friday 9/26: Ryan & Rebecca Montgomery – (DC)
Saturday 9/27: Jason Hershey – (DC)
Sunday 9/28: Gregg Barnes & Burn 24/7 Austin – (Texas)
Monday 9/29: Brandon Polk – (DC)

Hope to see you there! I can’t wait to worship alongside you, just as we will for all eternity, gazing on the face of our beautiful Savior.

Simply because he’s worthy,

Ryan Montgomery
We still do have worship slots available! To sign up, simply email worship@davidstentdc.org. Thank you!