The White House Ellipse has become a place of refuge for my soul. As soon I walk onto the land I feel at peace. The presence of God rests there and I can feel Him all around me.  

One of my favorite things so far has been watching how the presence of the Lord draws people in. Yesterday a couple of girls were walking by and had no clue what we were doing. They just heard the music and felt God’s presence so strongly they had to find out what was happening. They were spirit-filled Christians and after talking to us, promptly signed up to lead worship at the tent the next morning before they left town! God is so good.

 Over the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to share what we’re doing with tons of people that stop by as we’re worshipping. Everyone from government employees, to tourists, and locals seem curious about what we’re doing. I would be too if I didn’t know why there was a massive white tent on the ellipse! It’s incredible to see how many go beyond just stopping by and actually stay in the presence of the Lord, encountering Jesus.

Last year we had several people get healed as they were worshipping in the tent. They could barely walk as they entered the tent. But after worship they didn’t just walk out, they danced out completely healed! That’s the kind of thing that I’m praying for! The presence of the Lord is transformative. It sets the captives free, heals the sick, saves the lost and revives the saved. As we enthrone Jesus on our praises, His presence comes and the people around start getting touched by the Lord. That’s the beauty of an outdoor worship event. There aren’t any walls. Everyone can come freely and stay as long as they like and meet with Jesus. Please join your prayers with mine and pray that the presence of the Lord would continue to increase and people would encounter Jesus every time they step foot into the tent. We just want to see His face!  

Rebecca Montgomery