Our house of prayer and David’s Tent staff have been praying a lot into the concept of boredom lately. Why would we ever be bored when we’re in a relationship with God?? He’s the most interesting, most captivating and most creative being ever! He’s so creative he even created the world! Woah! Every time that we think we know Jesus we can catch a different glimpse of who He is, and get a deeper revelation. We could discover more about God every single day and never run out of things to find out about Him! That’s the least boring thing ever.  

I posted a status about this on my personal facebook account yesterday and someone commented “Someone who is bored is not in love!” It’s a blunt statement but it rings with truth. I don’t get tired or bored of my husband even though I’m around him 24/7 for no other reason than  that I’m in love! I can’t get enough of him! The same is true with Jesus. There’s always more to discover. That’s such good news! 

The other aspect that we’ve been meditating on is that God never gets bored of us either. I mean think about it, God has angels and elders around his throne crying out “Holy, Holy, Holy!” for ALL OF ETERNITY and he NEVER GETS TIRED OF IT. To our boredom saturated culture that doesn’t even compute. But it’s true! We could sing him the same song of worship day and night forever and He’d never get tired of our voice because He loves us. And oh wait! We’re going to do that, for ALL OF ETERNITY! He loves to hear our voice and He loves it when we draw near to Him! 

I’ve been learning the keyboard the past few months and so I’ve been worshipping a lot with it in the prayer room. My husband Ryan and I cover 2 hrs every day at Washington House of Prayer and lately we’ve been going deep in the place of worship and singing love songs to Jesus. Well, that’s fine and dandy, but I barely know any songs on the keyboard. In fact, for the past month the only song I’ve been able to play well is My Soul Sings. So I sang it. And I sang it. And I sang it. EVERY DAY. For a very long time. It’s true, I could have sang acapella or played the guitar or even just beat on a drum but I just loved worshipping on the keyboard. I kept singing the song and I started to really encounter the Lord every time I sang it. I realized personally that Jesus doesn’t get tired of my voice. Not even when I sing Him the same song over and over and over and over every day because he loves my voice and he loves my heart of worship to Him. And that just inspires me to worship Him even more!

So out of that revelation I wrote a song called Never Tired of my Voice. It’s still in the works, but I’m hoping to record it this fall. Here’s the heart of the song for you! 


Never Tired of My Voice— Rebecca Montgomery 2013

Jesus you blow me away

I sing you this song every day

But you never get tired of my voice



Becca Montgomery

(Never Tired of My Voice – Copyright Rebecca Montgomery 2013)