News from David's Tent!

        After receiving the permit for the White House Ellipse, starting on September 25th, we realized that Sundown the 25th until Sundown the 26th is actually Yom Kippur – also known as the "Day of Atonement*" – on the Jewish calendar!  Yom Kippur is the one day each year the High Priest would enter behind the veil into the Holy of Holies to make “atonement" or intercession on behalf of Israel.  Yom Kippur is a day of fasting and humbling before the Lord.  Israel would wait each year in nervous, restless expectation: "Will the High Priest come out? What will be the report? Is this year’s sacrifice atonement enough for our sins?"   Praise God, we don't need to be nervous or restless anymore!  We can enter a Sabbath rest!  The Blood of Jesus is Atonement enough! He is our great High Priest! Not just for my sins, but for the entire assembled sins of our whole nation!

        Discovering that the first day of David's Tent DC is actually Yom Kippur stirred us to set aside that day to be different from the rest.  From 7pm September 25th to 7pm September 26th, we will not have live music or any stage production at all! Instead, we are inviting you to come to a quiet tent and simply reflect, meditate and rest in the absolute truth that Jesus has paid our debt in full! Day one of David's Tent will be a day that we will let the Father sing His song of love over us!  After all, is not our call to worship is born not out of the truth that we love, but that He loved us first?  On this Day we want to encourage you to fast, to ask God to search your heart afresh and anew.  Come to repent, but also to joyfully receive the great atonement of Jesus and His forgiveness – both for yourself and on behalf of America.  Again, to clarify: this time will not be led from the stage, but we merely offer a set-apart space for you to meet with the Lord as individuals and families.

After this time of purposeful reflection on the atoning work of Jesus at the cross, we will begin with the joyful sound of unified adoration and thanksgiving a 40-day love song to Jesus – to worship and adore Him day and night just because He is worthy! 


*Definition of Atonement: A payment made to satisfy the demands of justice;  e.g.  Jesus made atonement for our sins.


Timeline of David’s Tent:

September 25 from 7-9pm – Opening Ceremony at David's Tent; Yom Kippur begins

This will  be a time of commissioning David's Tent and dedicating Washington DC to the Lordship of Jesus.  We will take communion together in honor of Jesus' Blood, the Atonement for all sin.

September 25 from 9pm through September 26 at 7pm – Yom Kippur observed 

Silent Reflection on the efficacy of the atonement blood of Jesus for all sins of America

September 26 at 7pm  

Strike up the band to begin the 40-day-and-night continuous love song to Jesus!

Daily, September 27-November 5 

7am – 9pm Stage-led worship teams changing every 2 hours.

9pm-7am Unplugged night watch, with stage-led worship teams changing every 2 hours

7pm-9pm Each night we will have a main corporate worship set at this time.  We encourage attendees to gather together en masse every night for this more-corporate time from 7-9pm, but please come all other hours as well!

November 5 from 7pm-9pm 

Final worship set of David’s Tent DC

November 5 from 9pm- 9am

Unplugged Night Watch

The After-party: Exodus 33:11 says that even after the main meeting with God was over and Moses left the Lord’s presence to return to camp, Joshua stayed in the presence of God…

To God be ALL the glory!

Jason Hershey