Today we have bands from all across the state of Pennsylvania that are taking 12 hours of worship from 9 am – 9 pm. We’ve dubbed it “Pennsylvania day” at David’s Tent and it’s been AWESOME! Today I got the chance to talk with Ralph Egyud with Altar International House of Prayer and Jamie Fitt from Philadelphia Tabernacle of David who are the two that really spearheaded the effort to get everyone down here today.  Here’s the interview I did with them:


Rebecca:  So Jamie, Ralph, I just wanted to ask you guys how this idea came about in your hearts? I think the state of Pennsylvania was the first group to sign up for this year, which is awesome. So can you guys explain a little bit of the story and your heart?

Ralph: Well, the Pennsylvania houses of prayer have been getting together since March of 2008 all around the state every three months or so to worship to pray and to intercede in the areas that we’re operating in. So, getting together like this is not really a new thing for us. Last year we had seven gatherings around the state. At America For Jesus we had pre-worship from 7-9 AM before the event. And Jamie oversaw and coordinated intercessory prayer through and preceding the event. So for us to travel and do something like this wasn’t really an unusual thing for us. So Jamie and I had the idea that this year we should do one of our statewide gatherings in DC at David’s Tent.

Jamie: Yeah, we really felt like the connection between Pennsylvania and what the Lord’s doing there corporately there among the houses of prayer coming and connecting with you guys at David’s Tent and coming together is just awesome. We really feel the the government of God is being established in a deeper way than ever before. So we just wanted to connect and as we were thinking and praying about what we wanted to do corporately as houses of prayer this year and we came up with this sometime in February. So we asked you guys if we could take a slot somewhere around here and come down and connect with you all, because it was on our hearts to just have Pennsylvania day.


I love seeing state-wide unity unto national praise. Our heart in DC is that David’s Tent would truly be a place for the “tribes” of America to gather to worship and I love that we’re seeing that with Pennsylvania today. It really has been a breath of fresh air for us all. 

I encourage you to grab ahold of this vision and bring your state next year! Make it “Texas Day” or “California Day!” We would love to have you! Maybe your state doesn’t have the same networking as Pennsylvania does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with churches around you and come down and lead worship!

It’s also not too late to plan your trip to DC! We’ll be continuing with worship through November 5th and we still have open worship slots! You can email to sign up! 

See you there,

Rebecca Montgomery