Anticipation is almost tangible in the air. Faith and excitement levels are rising daily. And as the crisp fall breeze begins to blow again here in Washington, DC final preparations are well underway for David’s Tent. We’re less than 3 weeks away and definitely in the final stretch now! We’re almost halfway booked for worship teams, the administration is going smoothly, 24/7 worship and prayer is rising to the Lord in the midst of the planning and it’s all been FUN. I know I say this every week, but I really can’t wait. I’m counting down the days!

Jason Hershey sharing the story of David's Tent DC Everyone else in our community is full of anticipation too. A lot of new people have joined our team since last fall, so we have quite a conglomeration of people! Many of us were involved in the core group of staff that pioneered the tent last fall, as well as several new staff members that have joined us since and many students that are involved with the David’s Tent Discipleship Training School and the American Sign Language Training School. Since not all of us were there at the very beginning, a few days ago we all took a field trip to one of our favorite spots–the White House Ellipse–to retell the story of David’s Tent. 

As our founder, Jason Hershey, took some time just to recount the tale of the pioneering process I could feel my heart getting re-energized with faith for this year all over again. It was amazing to be reminded of the prophetic words and scriptures that God spoke to us in the very beginning and how he provided for us over and over and over again in order to even be able to do it. We feel it’s truly from the Lord, and it really is the Lord bringing it about! There’s no way we’d be able to make it happen without him! Jesus really is so worthy to be praised and exalted over this nation!

After we heard the story again, we all took a prayer walk around the Ellipse and prayed over the land. We also spent some time praying specifically on the southwestern quadrant of the Ellipse where David’s Tent will be this fall. Last year we were on the opposite side in the southeastern quadrant, but due to a broken steam line on that side, we’ve been moved this year. For all of those who were there last year–don’t worry! It’s just across the oval, you’ll find us! To conclude our time there we ended with acapella worship and by taking communion together. It was a beautiful time of prayer and worship together as staff. The presence of the Lord is just so sweet in that place!

Please keep our team in your prayers in this final stretch! Our biggest needs right now are financial donations, worship teams coming to worship in the night hours and simply getting the word out. 

 I’m thrilled to be back at the White House Ellipse with you all in just a few weeks! See you there! 


PS. If you want to find out more about the story behind David’s Tent, please watch our 25 minute documentary here:

We also have a 45 minute version available for purchase here: