All are safe and sound at David’s Tent after a tension filled afternoon in Washington, DC. The heart of the city was on lockdown because of a car chase that started at the White House after a woman rammed the barricade, on the opposite corner of the White House Ellipse from where we are, and continued to the Capitol. Shots were fired at the Capitol and reports are still not sure exactly what happened.  

We were evacuated to the sidewalk of Constitution Avenue around 2 pm, during the middle of a set being led in American Sign Language, and we continued to worship. I had to leave at 4 pm and we still weren’t back on the ellipse at that time. We’re not sure when we’ll be back, but we’re expecting it to be soon. Even though we’re on the street for a bit we grabbed a guitar and the song continues!

Thank you all so much for all of your prayers. We know that your prayers are powerful and make a difference! Please continue to pray for us and for the city of Washington, DC today. 

Rebecca Montgomery