Today is set-up day for David’s Tent DC. All day we’ve had our vendors come in and set up the tent and drop off porta-potties and sound equipment. I’ve been here at the White House ellipse all day, and it’s been incredible to watch the transformation. When we started this morning we just had a dream and a patch of grass in front of the White House, and now we’re almost ready to kick-off tomorrow night at 7 pm.  We’re still putting the pieces together, but now everything we need to do that is here at the Ellipse! 

Here are some pictures of the transformation:



           The flooring being laid down.                                                           The truck arriving to unload the tent! 

The President Flying in   

 The President flying in overhead!                        The Tent being set up. 


             Here it is ladies and gentlemen: David’s Tent DC. 


Join us tomorrow night for the kick-off of David’s Tent DC at 7 pm. We’ll start the 1,000 hour love song to Jesus with David Bradshaw with Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace leading worship. It’s sure to be a fantastic time with Jesus! 

 Rebecca Montgomery