Testimonies are incredible things. They build faith for God to move and encourage all who hear them! I’ve been so blessed by being able to hear the testimonies of how God moved in people’s lives through David’s Tent or their experience worshipping there with us. It’s always a breath of fresh air! 

Just yesterday I was talking to a sweet lady who was sharing with me that she normally feels very shy and timid around people but at David’s Tent she never felt like that. She led worship for 2 hours and was so blessed the entire time and felt nothing but the sweetness of the presence of the Lord. Yesterday as well a Korean man came up to the tent and was so blessed that he was overcome with the need to give to us. We can’t accept cash donations on site because of our permit restrictions and that’s all he had on him, so he went away disappointed. About an hour later he showed up again completely unexpectedly with bags of snacks and drinks for all of our David’s Tent staff. He said “I was so blessed, and so encouraged by this that…how can I not give? I had to find a way!” Wow! Everytime I hear something like that I am so encouraged! God is truly moving at the tent, he’s encountering and changing people’s lives and they’re walking away blessed. 

I’d love to hear YOUR stories! So much of what God does at David’s Tent is in the thousands of people that pass through the tent over the 40 days. You can send in your stories and testimonies to becca@davidstentdc.org. I’d love to share them here on my blog but also just to hear what the Lord is doing in your lives! 

We’re on day 12 of our 1,000 hour love song and still going strong! Today we’ve had Gateway House of Prayer in from Pennsylvania to worship with us. They’re taking a couple of worship slots today and it’s been such a blessing to have them! Continue to join us at the White House Ellipse as we worship Jesus. Also, please continue to keep us in your prayers! We know that your prayers are powerful and effective! 

See you at the Ellipse,

Rebecca Montgomery