It’s Oklahoma week!


-Next week is New Jersey.
-Last week, Michigan week, we made the tent a bit smaller for the winter, reconfigured the stage and brought in the heaters.
-Impeachment hearings and 24 hour worship to Jesus are simultaneous spiritual realities in DC this week.
-As impeachment becomes frequented word in DC, chart topping record by Kanye West is released in America entitled “Jesus is King.” Ironic.  The lead off track, “Every Hour,” is a song about singing every hour, second and millisecond until the power of the Lord comes down.

THATS WHAT I’M SAYIN! That’s Davids Tent! Thank you to all who have taken part in this!

Things are clearly being stirred in the United States. It’s time to throttle up David’s Tent like never before. Be sure to not miss your states week in 2020. It’s important that every state is well represented before the Lord. We don’t want to do this without you.

The next Davids Tent Discipleship Training School (DTS) starts January 9, 2020. You are invited! Every young person should take a GAP year for training and missions. May the youth of America rise to take their place on the walls of intercession and in global missions.

And my wife Kimberlee gave birth to our newest little girl, Arrow Hope, this past week. We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Our next DTS training school is January 9-May 31 2020.
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