Dear David’s Tent worshippers,

I just got this “back story to David’s Tent” this morning. It’s so encouraging to see how God has been moving through his people in DC. You HAVE to read this written by David Ruleman! TheGate Church community, led by Pastors David and Tracy Ruleman, have been a source of great encouragement to my family and I and played a huge role not only in David’s Tent 2012, but as you can read below, David’s Tent is standing on the shoulders of years of worship, intercession and prayer that have prepared the way.  Wow! 

Jesus we love Your Presence in the Capital City!

 Jason Hershey



The Gate’s Backstory.  by David Ruleman


In 2000 we began worshipping in Washington DC.  At first we went in once a month and then once a week.

Our heart was to see 24/7 worship established in the city.  In 2002 Tracy and I took a group of leaders to Israel and late in the evening on March 9, 2002 the Moment Café was bombed by a terrorist.  We were meeting in an East Jerusalem hotel and the building shook at impact.  We had asked Rick Ridings, founder of  Succat Halell, 24/7 House of Prayer in Jerusalem. to speak to the leaders.  As sirens echoed off the hotel walls Rick  said the question is not about Arabs and Jews  it is about  “who will be worshipped on Gods’ holy hill.’  

We said to ourselves, Our question is, “who will be worshipped on Capitol Hill?.” We came away more committed than  ever to establishing a House of Prayer and 24/7 worship in Washington DC.  The Gate continued to worship and welcome the presence of the Lord.  Teams came monthly for 24-30 hours of Washington Worships.  Other groups started meeting monthly to form a web of continuous worship.

Curt Malloy invested himself into the effort. Jane Snyder raised up youth from South East who kept all night watches and Thomas Kenny took over and continued to gather teams for Washington Worships.

 In 2011 God began to move and a radical shift began to take place.  Rick Ridings came to The Gate in Washington DC and was introduced to Jason Hershey.  At a meeting in the Israel room at our house Rick prophesied that our time of preparing the way was ending and that God had raised up Jason to establish

The House of Prayer in Washington DC.  We were to continue to build fires around the city and in a sense lob fire into DC.  In 2011 we moved The Gate to Northern Virginia and on New Year’s Eve we “lobbed a fire ball “ into the city when we The Gate sent Jason back into the city to remain until the House of Prayer was built.

 In the 12th year, 2012, Jason never left city limits.  Worship began and the Lord added  a vision for 40 days of worship on the National Mall with 24/7 worship.  It had never been done before.  The entire idea was historic and its implementation and execution miraculous.   The Washington DC House of Prayer has been raised up with 24/7 worship and now for the second year David’s Tent will be raised up on the Ellipse of the White House for another 40 days of continuous worship.  The Lord Jesus will be worshipped and exalted in DC.

The Gate is totally committed to the DC House of Prayer and David’s Tent and we encourage you to give.


David Ruleman