Last night at 7 pm we began our 1,000 hours of continuous love songs to Jesus on the White House Ellipse. The presence of the Lord was so sweet last night. Around 200 people came to the kick-off last night and worship just erupted in the tent last night! There was no sense of having to “press in” or work towards a breakthrough, there was just the presence of the Lord. Worship was simply the natural response to his presence and His goodness. 

Last year our staff had to learn an entirely new skill set—-how to run a 40 day event on the White House Ellipse. It was completely unprecedented, there was no manual for it, we just had to figure it out as we went along. In the same way that when you’re learning an instrument you have to learn a few chords before you can let your heart truly soar in worship to the Lord, our staff was learning a new “instrument” last year. We were learning administratively how to run the event and although everything was being done as worship to Jesus, there’s definitely been a new grace on this year’s event. I don’t even know how to explain it except to tell you that I encountered the presence of the Lord more in the first two hours of David’s Tent this year than I did during the 40 days last year combined. That’s not to say that God’s presence wasn’t with us last year, it totally was, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that there’s a newness, a grace  and a sense of His presence having been poured out on us this year.  The hunger for God and adoration for Jesus in the Tent was tangible. As soon as the band started playing people fell straight into worship. Honestly, I can’t wait to get back there tonight.   

I filmed a short video of Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace leading worship for us last night. Here it is! 

I invite you all to come and join us this fall at David’s Tent DC. You won’t regret it! Jesus is here and He’s worthy to be praised! Come and sing your song as a part of our 1,000 hours of unbroken praise.

Rebecca Montgomery