One of things that I love about being at David’s Tent and being able to worship with so many different worship leaders from around the nation is that I get to see “themes” throughout it all. There are many songs that are being sung by the same worship leaders all throughout each day without any of them knowing that the others have been singing it! It’s been fun for me to see some of the songs that have become anthems of David’s Tent this year. 

One of them that surprised me this year was My Soul Sings. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that song at David’s Tent this year, not to mention how many times I’ve already sung it there too! Each time I experience God in a new way through that song and get more and more revelation of His heart! I wasn’t expecting it to be an “anthem” of David’s Tent but it really has become one. It’s been a fun thing for me with Jesus because My Soul Sings was the first song I really learned how to play on the keyboard. I played that song to Jesus for an hour every day and ended up writing a song off of it called Never Tired of My Voice. I was blown away by how amazing it is that Jesus doesn’t get tired of our worship, even when it’s the same song over and over and over! That’s so great, because for all of eternity we’ll be singing “Holy, Holy, Holy,” around the throne! It’ll never be boring! For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile you might remember this story. If not, you can read my story about it here: Anyways, everytime I hear My Soul Sings it’s a sweet time with Jesus. So many memories! 

I think the lyrics of that song are so meaningful, especially as an anthem of worship this year. 

“My soul sings, my soul sings, my soul sings how I love you.”

I believe that the Lord is giving us hearts of worship in a new way so that we, individually, would truly be 24/7/365 places of worship. Last year we joked about making shirts that said “I am David’s Tent.” It’s silly, but so true! 24/7 worship isn’t just about a tent or a church, or the formality of never letting a moment be silent. It’s all about our hearts being that place of worship. We are God’s temple! Not a tent on the White House Ellipse. Without our hearts truly being places of worship a big white tent becomes meaningless. May my soul ever sing His praises!! 

If you haven’t made it down to David’s Tent yet, I encourage you to do so! It’s so refreshing and such a sweet place to meet with Jesus. We’ve already had over 20 nations and 35 states show up to worship with us! Come and represent your state too! 

Tonight we have Tim Feddes from Washington House of Prayer leading worship for our corporate 7-9pm set. Tomorrow my husband Ryan and I are leading the 7-9 pm set. I’ll probably find myself singing My Soul Sings! I just can’t stop singing that song! :)

See you there,

Rebecca Montgomery