We’re two weeks into the government shutdown and through it all we’ve been able to stay on the White House Ellipse. It’s an incredible blessing from the Lord to be able to still be there and I am so thankful for the 1st amendment that permits us to be there. The past couple weeks have been a little wild between the shutdown, all of the protests in the city and a small flood on the Ellipse, but the worship has continued to rise to the Lord and in the midst of the chaos, God has given us a place of peace. I’ve really been able to see the Lord’s hand of protection upon our event over and over again. It really does feel like we’ve been hidden in the cleft of the rock and that God has created this space for us in the middle of the closed National Mall to be able to meet with Him. His presence is so tangible on the Ellipse and every day it just gets sweeter. I know the Lord’s heart is moved every single time we lift our voices to Him. I can feel the pleasure of the Lord over every single worship team that comes.

This year we’ve had worship teams come from all over the States to worship with us. So far we’ve had 24 states and 7 different nations represented on stage at David’s Tent. We’ve had teams from Wales, New Zealand, Russia, Korea, Norway, Kosovo and the Philippines leading worship and it’s been amazing to see the nations coming to praise. We know that around the throne of God “every tongue and tribe” will confess that Jesus is Lord. It’s beautiful to see a foretaste of that happening here in America too. 

Today marks the halfway point of David’s Tent. This evening will mark 500 hours into our 1,000 hr love song to Jesus and I want to invite you to come on out and join us! We’ll be at the White House Ellipse through Nov. 5th and we’d love to see you there! Come represent your state or your nation and lead worship with us! Last year we had teams from all 50 states come and worship with us and we’d love to see the same this year! Want to sign up? We’re still accepting bands! You can email: worship@davidstentdc.org.

See you there,

Rebecca Montgomery