The storm has passed through DC and everyone here with David's Tent remains safe and sound. The worship continued through the storm at Faith Tabernacle, where we were strategically located right behind the Supreme Court. Our volunteers went to the church prepared for anything, including power outages and getting stranded, but the power stayed on and the streets were safe throughout DC. Our prayers are certainly with those who got hit the hardest by Hurricane Sandy and any families who may have lost their loved ones.

We enjoyed a wonderful two hour hymn sing on Sunday night with the Hershey family. It was amazing to revisit those old hymns that sparked some of the great revivals of the past and sing them over our country today. When you really hear the words of the hymns you find that they are full of pure faith and gospel truth that can move any heart in any age. It was truly a spirit-filled and blessed time. 

Tonight, we have Michael Ketterer from United Pursuit Band playing our 7-9 pm set, so if you cannot make it out to the church then please join us on the live stream! If you can make it to Faith Tabernacle, then be sure to stay for the 9-11 pm set which will be lead in American Sign Language by Kari Olney. I hope everyone worshiping along side of us is safe and sound today. God Bless!



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