Hi Everyone!

We are officially half-way through David’s Tent! God, in His abundant goodness, has been so faithful during this time. I have seen Holy Spirit move in power on the hearts of people here day after day and the testimonies are amazing. To date, I believe we’ve had nine salvations, at least a dozen people have been healed, and we have handed out dozens of bibles while presenting the gospel! God is surely alive and His Spirit is moving on the earth! On top of all the testimonies from individuals, we have been so blessed with the wonderful worship teams the Lord has sent to join us here! Over the course of the tent, we have had different worship leaders gather teams from all over their states and then “adopt a day” for their state. All day today, through the night, and into the morning tomorrow is “Delaware Day”. A local friend of ours who is from Delaware, organized and called together a handful of worship teams from all over the state of Delaware to cover 24hrs of worship here and lift up the name of Jesus on behalf of their state! There is such blessing when the body of Christ comes together to worship Him in unity.

This next week is going to be so exciting as this Sunday night, Oct. 12th we are having our annual Hymnsing, and then on Tuesday the 14th we are blessed to welcome Jon Thurlow from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, followed by Sean Feucht from Burn 24/7 International on Thursday Oct. 16th. I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do this next week and during the rest of the tent!

Over the last several days, I feel like I’ve been reminded more and more of the worthiness of Jesus. Sitting here on the south side of the White House, I’ve been thinking about all the causes that have been championed from this place, about how many people have declared what they believed in hopes of having their voices heard…and then in contrast, how much more worthy is the cause of worship to the Son of Man? How much more worthy is He to be praised with my everything for all of my days. I am convinced, and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that Jesus is worthy of our most extravagant, “alabaster jar”, lay-it-ALL-down, acts of worship. And for him to receive anything less is the highest injustice. So here we are, for as long as He keeps us here, loving Him with all that we’ve got. This is it. And He’s worth it.