I can hardly believe it. It seems like yesterday when we first struck up the band on the White House Ellipse and starting this extravagant offering of praise to Jesus. Roughly 140 different bands from over 25 states and 10 different nations have led worship so far. The song has been going night and day for 685 hours straight (at the time of writing.) When I think about it, I’m truly in awe of God’s goodness. It’s nothing short of a miracle that we have been able to keep going  and that in the midst of floods, government shut downs and the chaos around us there’s a place where people are encountering the presence of God on the White House Ellipse, right there in the middle of our capital city. 

Stories just keep pouring in about people who have been drawn to the tent by the presence of the Lord. A couple days ago an Amish girl was taking a walk across the Ellipse when suddenly she felt the presence of the Lord and had an uncontrollable urge to run to David’s Tent to meet with Jesus. She had no idea what was going on in the tent but was so excited when she found out! God’s presence is truly drawing people to Himself! 

Then yesterday a man from Belize was walking on the Ellipse. He had just moved to America a few weeks ago and was visiting DC for a couple days. As he was walking across the White House Ellipse he heard the name of Jesus being sung from David’s Tent across the field but had no idea what we were doing. His heart started to pound in his chest as he felt the presence of the Lord. He came into the tent and began to weep when he realized what we were doing. With tears streaming down his face he said that this was by far his best experience in America in all his time here. A team that was in from Texas got the chance to pray with him and he left truly blessed. 

I could go on and on about the testimonies that just keep on coming about what God is doing on the White House Ellipse. It’s absolutely amazing to see what God is doing through our lavish offering of praise. Yesterday I overheard our founder, Jason Hershey, saying “I want to make Jesus blush with the extravagant worship that we give Him!” I completely agree. I know that this 1,000 hour love song is moving the heart of God and that he is moved with joy because of his sons and daughters from all across the nation that have come together to sing what may be one of the longest love songs ever sung. 

We still have two weeks left! Come and join us! Your voice makes a difference! We’re in the big white tent on the White House Ellipse–you can’t miss us! 

Becca Montgomery