The David’s Tent Story pt. 1 – The Early Days

The David’s Tent Story pt. 1 – The Early Days

As a young man I set my sights on being a cross-cultural missionary to a people group somewhere in Asia. I went to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for training for this purpose, but God had other plans. He called me out of Ezekiel 3:5 to my own house and my own people, the United States of America.

Poetically, ironically and perhaps divinely, my public ministry days started on September 11, 2001. Our itinerate YWAM ministry team was packing a van and trailer full of luggage and equipment that fateful morning when we received word that the first of the World Trade Center towers in New York City had been struck.

The name of that mobile ministry team was “The Jesus Revolution.” We had anchored our message in the concept that nation-changing revolutions happen because a critical mass of people believe in the promise of a better tomorrow and act upon that faith. We were simply declaring that the only revolution that brings true hope and true change is found in

Jesus Christ, when we embrace Him as our Lord and Savior in every area of our lives and reach out to love the world into doing the same. President Obama campaigned on these very same words, “hope and change,” seven years later, and I remember thinking to myself, “Those were the words we used with the Jesus Revolution team.” In true YWAM fashion, we were now preaching the simplest of messages, not pulling any punches — to know God and make Him known.

This post is an excerpt from the book David’s Tent – Jesus is Worthy of A Nation’s Praise by Jason Hershey
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Come Spend Your Summer or Fall as Part of an Amazing Christian Community

Come Spend Your Summer or Fall as Part of an Amazing Christian Community

Musicianaries, Intercessors of all Ages: ARISE!

It’s time to build the wall. I’m talking about intercession. True protection.

“So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land….” Ezekiel 22:30

There are many things you could do this summer.  I want you to call you to the wall in DC. Would you come to our nation’s Capitol and stand before God on behalf of our nation as an intercessor?  It’s a rare group of selfless ones that will respond to this call. No candies. No flashy promises of great times.  Just God.

We simply must pray from our guts for our country right now.  The youth of America must understand what is meant by the phrase, “Save yourselves from this perverse generation!” Acts 2:40  They must understand! They must understand! If we pray, they will.

God can do more in a moment than we can do in a lifetime. That’s settled. We all understand that. Let’s pray in faith for that moment when God shows up!

Please watch this recent night watch video:

David’s Tent has been stirred to gather a delegate from each state for 2, 50 day, 50 state, “Intercessory Prayer Congresses” to pray in unity this summer into fall.  We believe it’s time for this strategic army of prayer warriors to come together in DC and pray to win a generation to Jesus!  Will you be one of them?

The first Prayer Congress will be: July 1 – August 20
The second Prayer Congress is: August 20 – October 10.  
(The second will end with Awaken The Dawn.

The cost for room and board with us in our community houses is $700 for one congress or $1300 if you want to stay for both, all 100 days.  This will all culminate with the 50 tent (state by state) gathering on the National Mall, called Awaken the Dawn.

If you have any questions about the Prayer Congress or would like more information, please email Anna at  Please pray and ask the Lord if you should apply to be a delegate from your state!  (If you can’t come, please make sure someone from your state can.)

Keep in mind this will probably be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. “Laying down your life” is the calling card for a true intercessor. That means a cross. Your friends will be posting amazing pictures of being at the beach, family outings, on amazing trips, getting that new car with their summer job money etc… Meanwhile you will be living in dormitory housing in community, in a hectic city, and simply going to a tent each day to cry out to God in prayer and worship.  You will need to know that God is your reward.  It’s this type of people though, that God will answer!

“Gather together to Me my consecrated ones, Those who have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”  Psalms 50:5

Thank you for praying Col. 1:11 for our staff.  There is refreshment and fresh fiery zeal coming upon us!




For His Glory, Always,

Jason Hershey,
Founder, DavidsTentDC

David’s Tent Weekly Gathering

David’s Tent Weekly Gathering

We have started a weekly Sunday Night gathering called “The Celebration at David’s Tent” from 5-7pm. This is meant to be a point of corporate connection in the midst of the 24/7 cycle of the tent. As worship is ongoing, Jason usually shares a short word and we have some prayer in small groups for one another and/or America.  It’s the perfect outdoor event for families on a Sunday night.  See our facebook page for up to the minute info.

Dreaming of the New Jerusalem

Dreaming of the New Jerusalem

Dear Friends.

David’s Tent is caught between two competing, but both valuable, visions for the National Mall, and Capital City.  King David’s vision for His Capital City:  A place for all Israel to gather, worship and give thanks to the Lord!  (Psalms 122)

Thank you all that have been praying for David’s Tent DC’s new location.  We consider every prayer part of our worship and declaration that Jesus is Worthy of the highest, centermost places of our lives and culture.  Through this all, we’re still singing at the Tent!
Thank you for so many that have put their efforts together to contact members in Congress too.  Your efforts opened up a great dialogue with the National Park Service (NPS) yesterday.  They didn’t give us an option, but there was a discussion about the possibility of an option.
The possibility of the option floated, would have us stay where we are at Constitutions Gardens Plaza, but be coexisting with the construction trailers and equipment for the restoration project of the lock-keepers house on the corner. They warned us that we have to measure it out to see if we’d all fit there and there would be much noise throughout the day, but it’s a possibility of an option for us.  (This would only be to buy us time, not a long term solution. Eventually a restaurant will be build on our spot.) This will be further explored as we walk the site all together next Wednesday afternoon, making measurements to see if we’d even all fit there. It’s a tight squeeze for sure.
In my guts, I’m skeptical this is “it.”  But we will be considering it in the meantime. Let’s contend for His best in faith, prayer and action!  Yesterday’s meeting was bountifully productive though.  We were honored to have a great candid dialogue with those that we are working with at the NPS permits office.
 The NPS permits office wasn’t notified until recently that this reconstruction project of Constitution Gardens is starting. It was planned for a long time, but on hold.  Suddenly the funding came in and triggered the quick beginning, The notified us as soon as it was handed to them.  The permits office hasn’t been given a solid start date yet, just a commission to not permit anybody there after our current permit runs out March 10.
The NPS permits office is bound to the constraints put on them from higher up.  They explained their conundrum with us.  Several years ago, congress gave them the mandate to make the mall area beautiful and fulfill the vision of George Washington to have the Capitol in the midst of rolling green hill spaces. The NPS just in the last couple years put 8 million dollars into the reconstruction of the sod on the main stretch of the mall. Next is Washington Monument Grounds, as piece by piece, they are redoing the turf.  Which is why the new turf regulations were enacted last year, and our tent can’t be on grass any more than 5 days at a time now.
So why not just make more hardscape places?  With each new monument, museum or restaurant, that vision of a Capitol surrounded by rolling green spaces is being chipped away. The NPS was mandated by congress to defend that vision and get the mall area looking beautiful.
On the other hand, the NPS is also to be permitting 1st amendment demonstrations on those same areas. These two visions, beautify the National Mall and make room for 1st Amendment demonstration, conflict greatly, at great cost and stress for all involved.
This is why your calls and letters to congress were and are so important. Keep them rolling!  I want to be clear: I do not think the NPS is being malicious toward us. I would say the opposite. I really trust they are trying to find a solution, but their hands are tied. We need Congress or the Executive Branch to act. What is OUR GENERATIONS vision for our Capital City?  Will 24/7 worship and Praise, and Jesus Himself, be part of our vision for the Capital going forward?  
We’ve come full circle back to the vision of David’s Tent DC! King David made the Lord the central vision in his administration.  With a 24/7 worship tent employing 4288 musicians and singers adjacent to his palace, David wanted to be sure God knew, that he had enthroned God over his administration.  Will the David hearts arise!?
So far, from the response that I’m getting.  I’m encouraged!  There is a remnant in congress, and around America,  that loves Jesus with all their hearts and not only do they know that He’s the Lord, but have also made Him their Lord.
And that Remnant… is only getting bigger.
Stay tuned…  We will update you as we know more.
Dreaming of the New Jerusalem,
Glory in the Morning

Glory in the Morning

Renca_Dunn14 months.

That’s how long David’s Tent has been running and our American Sign Language (ASL) team has been serving with the tent. It is quite hard to believe how quickly time flies. It is truly amazing how something so simple like going to the tent every day to worship from our hearts can become one of the greatest and deepest lessons that we will ever learn in life. I am so grateful for the people I have encountered such as the people who were simply passing by the tent, to the regular attendees, to the people who were just visiting for a few hours, and to our faithful David’s Tent staff. Whether the conversation between a person and I was just for a minute or for an hour, I still felt each person I met made a difference. It is not David’s Tent that brought each person to the tent, but God.

I am humbled and honored that the leaders for David’s Tent were open to having the American Sign Language aspect of worship in the tent. Having this opportunity to serve this team with ASL has broken many barriers and opened new doors for Deaf people like myself and for the Deaf community as whole. I personally already love worship, but with this experience, I have gained a new insight on how to worship and fell deeper in love with Jesus.

It is a bittersweet feeling as the ASL team will complete our commitment with David’s Tent on November 8th even when David’s Tent will continue indefinitely. However, it does not mean that we will not take what we have learned from God through David’s Tent and be able to share our stories with other people in the Deaf community. It is a marvelous thing to witness when the diversity in God’s kingdom is brought together to worship only one person: Jesus Christ. I know for a fact that David’s Tent has shifted some grounds for His kingdom come. I am looking forward to see the harvest that has been planted for this past year with each of us: Deaf and hearing alike.

One of the lessons that I would like to share for what God has taught me for this past year is “morning glory.” I am not a morning person. I do not think I ever will be a morning person. I have tried hard to train myself to be a morning person, but I think I have finally come to accept the terms that I am just simply not a morning person.

Davids Tent DC SpecialIn the beginning, our ASL team was assigned for a morning shift starting at 7am. I was mortified because this means I have to get up early! Maybe for some of you 7am is not early, but it is early for me! I was trying to think of how I would be able to have energy before the sun comes out! It was a rough start and I really felt it would be impossible for me to continue for a whole year with this time shift! Well, I definitely made it. Our time shift did change throughout the year, but it always remained in the morning.

Over time, my heart began to change. I started to see the wonderful things about the morning. At David’s Tent, I get to see plenty of flocks of beautiful birds flying around the National Mall.   geese-landing

I get to see the sun rising up slowly to kiss the sky. I get to see the morning mist that sleeps on the grass. I get to see life in the city before it becomes alive. Most of all, I get to experience God’s love, first thing in the morning, before anything else. Proverbs 3:9 come in mind for this. We talk about honoring the Lord with our finances, but what about our time too? That moment when dawn breaks, before we even bother getting out of bed, do we honor the Lord with our time? Spend our quiet time first thing in the morning? Just something to think about.

No, I have not transformed into a giddy morning person, but I am a lot more grateful for the beauty of getting up early in the morning. I am grateful for being able to worship through sign language. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to serve Jesus with David’s Tent. Most of all, I am grateful for God has taught me about His original morning glory that just constantly overwhelms me in every way possible.

For His Glory Always…

Renca Dunn

Unity as the Body of Christ

Unity as the Body of Christ


Dan & Carole McClelland, David’s Tent Leaders

We love it when worship teams from around America come and join the 10,000 hour love song at David’s Tent! The staff is always refreshed during the time when these teams come. We have wonderful stories of worshippers from all over the United States. There was the team that drove from Nebraska, led two hours, and drove right back. We have had people fly in and back from California or Florida with no other agenda than to stay for three days leading worship and praying for our country. In addition, we have had intercession teams that came, encouraged us, and prayed for America alongside us here in Washington DC. Every team or person who comes to serve is such a blessing!  This month is a complete year, 365 days, that God has received continual worship in DC! In light of this, I’m going to share one of my favorite testimonies that happened within the year.

Davids Tent DC Special
During the spring, when we were still at the Washington Monument, we had a team of not just adults, but families, from San Diego, California that was in for a week to lead worship two hours every day. Their team alone was so large that they filled the tent! Since they had a full band, many people were drawn to the tent during their worship sets. We were delighted to be able to get to know this team well because they were scheduled to lead worship during our morning watch.

On Saturday of that week, David’s Tent also had a youth group from North Carolina that was scheduled to lead worship right after the CA group. They had led at the Tent before, so we knew that they were a very lively African-American youth group who worshipped God joyfully.

Here at David’s Tent we actually try to have smooth transitions from one team to another so the song continues. Before any team leads worship, we ask them to come to the Tent at least an hour early. In that way, they can enjoy worship and connect with God before they’re leading others into worship. Sometimes it works out well; sometimes it does not. Fortunately, this time both of the groups transitioned so well. As requested, the North Carolina team was there for about an hour of the California group’s worship.  Both teams were very large so together they filled the tent to overflowing. During that one hour, the NC team’s bass player came up and joined in because the CA group didn’t have a bass player that day.

As it reached the last half hour before group transitions, the North Carolina team members joined in exuberant worship with the San Diego team.  The tent was filled with joy!  And then, when the time came to do the full transition, the San Diego group stayed in the tent and worshipped with the North Carolina team! Even though this was my day off, my teammates came home and shared about this crazy- awesome transition between two completely different worship teams from different places in America. We all rejoiced how God was glorified through their unity.

On Sunday I actually was scheduled to staff during our watch.  About an hour before their scheduled worship time of 9 – 11  AM, which would be their last time to lead before going home, the San Diego team showed up.  A few minutes later the North Carolina team showed up stating that they were scheduled to lead worship during the 9-11 set. As watch leader, my husband, Dan, followed the protocol of asking both groups to show him their confirmation emails. Most of the time, when a scheduling problem has occurred, one of the teams had read their designated time wrong. Therefore, it’s easy to dissipate the confusion and explain to one of the groups that they had read the email incorrectly. However, as Dan scanned the emails on this day, he realized that both teams had in fact been scheduled for the exact same time: 9 to 11 AM. This time, it was our fault as David’s Tent staff. As my husband tried to negotiate a compromise that was agreeable to both teams, it was clear that both groups had a strong desire to lead two hours of worship. It was suggested and reluctantly accepted that both teams would only have one hour to lead worship.

While I watched this process, my heart started racing as I remembered the testimony of our staff from yesterday about the unity that happened as these two teams made their transition.  With Holy Spirit leading, I approached the large group made up of both teams and said, “Guys, I think that God is doing something big here within the body of Christ related to unity!” Everyone paused to listen as I shared how I had heard about their set transition yesterday. It was such an amazing time that drew many people into the tent. My spirit was sure that God had big plans for today as well! By each team sacrificing their own desires, they were bringing unity on earth just as Jesus prayed in his last prayer before he went to the cross. As I spoke, I could feel the Spirit welling up within me. God’s Spirit was on the move!  I was getting really, really excited about what God wanted to do in the body of Christ.  As the Spirit swept through the group, everyone was in agreement. ”Amens!”  were shouted out as I began to pray for the teams.

The next two hours were glorious; probably one of my favorite sets at the tent. You see, both teams were there for the whole two hours, and both teams were worshiping together! No division! No grumbling!  It was a beautiful day outside and there was many people on the national mall that were drawn to the music.  Our staff was overwhelmed greeting people who wanted to know what was happening. David’s Tent was overflowing with people!
At the end of the two hour set, both team’s members were so excited that they ended up just mingling and talking. The conversations grew so loud, in fact, that one of our staff had to ask the groups to continue talking outside as we wanted to honor the next person that was leading worship.

Outside the Tent, I approached both groups and apologized again for the scheduling error. The North Carolina team leader said, “No worries!  Honestly it was God’s plan.  The San Diego team has invited our youth group team to join them for a worship event this summer, and our youth group is so excited about going.”

It’s not often that we double- book at David’s Tent. We have an amazing scheduling team that coordinates with all the worship teams that come to David’s Tent, and they are diligent to make sure that there isn’t a double booking. Honestly, in the 10 months that I’ve been serving at David’s Tent, it’s happened only once or twice. However, God had His own master plan that day!! Out of the scheduling misunderstanding, God called forth unity in the body of Christ. Master scheduler that He is, Father united two teams for a day so He would be glorified.

Many on the National Mall that day gave witness to the worship produced through the joint team’s unity. However, God’s plan was so much bigger than that. On the foundation of obedience, as the two teams laid down their own desires and chose unity, God built up a continual relationship with the body of Christ between youth in North Carolina and an older family team from San Diego, California.

How amazing is our God?