It’s been a few days now since we wrapped up David’s Tent DC for 2013. Our staff have been busy with tying up loose ends from the tent but we’re already starting to look ahead to next year!

We’re taking a few days off to rest and then diving into a week of staff meetings and prayer. The time to share and pray with one another has been much needed and I know all of us have been looking forward to it! Throughout the next several weeks as we enter the holiday season we’ll have lots of time to pray together, listen to the Lord, worship Jesus and ultimately chart a course for next year –2014. We already have the permit for next year’s David’s Tent DC, 50 days of worship from Sep. 15 – Nov. 4, so we’ll be praying a lot into that. Another thing we’ll be praying into is national mobilization and how we can partner with God to see that happen even more than it has already. We want to see the whole nation come together to worship Jesus in a unified expression of praise in our capital city! Every voice counts!

In the meantime, invite your friends to next year’s event! It’s not too early to start planning your trip to Washington, DC. Say, a church trip? Or a family vacation? What better way to spend a vacation than worshipping Jesus! Also, please continue to keep us covered in prayer! Your prayers are powerful and effective so please pray for us and with us as we seek the Lord for 2014!


Rebecca Montgomery