Dear Friends,

Thank you!  All of you! For the part you each played in David’s Tent DC this year! If I could say it more sincerely I would!  One of the continual internal wrestlings of my life is that I never really feel like I have adequate resources to give back, pay, and properly thank all those like I should. (Especially Jesus.) Only at the remembering of the truth that all of you did it for Jesus, can I, as the visionary, be relieved of the overwhelming internally gnawing sense of indebtedness that I feel toward each of you. May He richly reward you!

DTDC 2013 was a huge cultural breakthrough as we moved into setting new normals for our generation.  It was a massive John 17 unity breakthrough too, with 194 different worship teams from different cultures, ages, and denominational backgrounds participating!

Remembrance is a powerful thing.  Whenever Israel forgot what the Lord had done, they fell away from the Lord.  But when they’d remember, they would return. In fact, it was the duty of David’s worshippers to be the “rememberers.”  David commissions them in 1 Chronicles 16:12 to “Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgements he pronounced.”  Here is a short remembrance list for DTDC as we push forward to next fall:

1.  It was God’s idea.  He spoke it and we simply obeyed
2.  It was God’s miracle in 2012 that birthed it!  We had inquired for permitting at a local park and the National Park Service suggested the White House Ellipse!
3.  It was God’s provision.  Both last year and this year we ended in the black with all the bills paid, by only a couple hundred dollars!  Exactly our daily bread!  Thank you to all who gave!
4.  It was God’s People.  167 unique worships teams in 2012, 194 worship teams in 2013.  This is a HUGE John 17 unity breakthrough for the church.  Jesus’ prayer will be answered.  John 17 unity is our destiny! It’s where we are headed. The church will be one!
5.  It was God’s staff – Thank you specifically to all the youth that volunteered their time to keep the tent running.
6.  God protected it.  He kept us hidden and safe.  Even during the Government Shut-down with lots of drama over the National Mall closing, God kept us going!
7.  God expanded our tent pegs.  Next year, permitting is already in place for 50 days of 24/7 praise.  One day for each state!  September 15 – November 4! Mark your calendars now and stay tuned for more details.
8.  It was build on years of intercession.  I firmly believe that David’s Tent DC was the manifestation of prayers prayed by so many for decades.

It’s good for us to remember that all this was from Him, and unto Him. We give Jesus the glory for it all.  More than anything, we want to remember the One who has worked so graciously, that we would find ourselves  gathered in His name. Jesus we will NEVER forget you!

As we wrap up Davids’ Tent 2013 I want to remind us of one truth to keep us centered.  The restoration of David’s Fallen Tent is found in one man and one man alone.  His name is Jesus.  Sometimes I wonder if we should call it “The Jesus Tent” instead!  David’s devotion is inspiring, but Jesus’ devotion is the source of the reaction of worship that explodes from each one of our hearts.  We love because Jesus first loved us.  David’s Tent is a reaction to Jesus’ love.  It was for David and it is for us. We worship, love, adore and praise Jesus, because Jesus loved us by dieing a criminal’s– death row sentence– for us, and was completely innocent!

One hundred Kings with one hundred armies could not defeat the great enemy of humanity, death itself.  Only Jesus could do that!  And He did it by taking death on face to face!  It’s Jesus’ devotion, not David’s, that’s inspired David’s Tent in our hearts.  And it is Him, not David, that I want to pull our remembrance to as a people, family, church, and nation.

“Jesus, we say that 1000 hours is not enough.  When our physical and emotional strength fail us that we cannot keep this 24/7 watch, we want you to know that we still believe you are worthy of it.  Jesus, we give you all praise because You are worthy of it!  We did this all because we love You.  And Jesus, we also did do this as an intercession for America.  If what we have done is pleasing in your sight, I ask that you respond and give us a tangible sign that we might know that.  Jesus this is all for you!  We glorify you for all that you have done.”

All for Jesus,

Jason Hershey